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Aug 3, 2013 8:00am PDT
. >> the a's are trying to sign on the first wave but last night's game texas did not help. up next in spo >>> 8:47 and we need check on the forecast and if, when and where. >> lots of questions because it is getting brighter and down by the airport. we are looking still the gray skies down around san jose. live doppler 7-hd this morning. we're not looking at any rain despite the fact that cooler air mass and tropical pressure so the way for the second half of the weekend. still august in san francisco with low clouds and fog. roof camera looking at lots of gray. 54 in san francisco. mountain view, 57. 56 for you and half moon bay at 54. north end of the bay has been cloudy with the fog in santa rosa. mount tam, marine layer is about 2,000 feet and depth of the fog is slowly erode bringing in sunshine. concord is sunny at 58. 59 at livermore. sunny and warm afternoon in inland east bay. and pretty gray out there but it will be nice mild afternoon across the bay in oakland hopefully bringing the a's some luck. mist and drizzle at the shoreline to start. mild temperatures there, even with th
Aug 31, 2013 8:00am PDT
traded back. lowry off of joel peralta. texas loses. the a's are two games back in the west. the score the giants' only run in the first. the giants with the only run of this game. tim lincecum pitching. pablo sandoval. it would have been a short double and throws him out to end the inning. he has his eight win of the year. giants find a way to get it done in a 1-0 victory. the sunny era begins tonight in berkeley. cla hosting northwestern. first game for true freshman quarterback. he was excited to get his first true taste of college football. he is ready to tee it up for the first time at memorial stadium. so any time it's something different and new you're always excited about it. the student section especially. we're excited to take it all in. most importantly we're excited about the opportunity to play against a good football team. >> vina william looking to move on. nice rally at the net. winner is serena. she will face stevens in the third round. and kobe bryant has to be feeling good about his achilles tendon. is this normal rehab? kobe writing if i can run, i can jump. that's
Aug 10, 2013 8:00am PDT
. five r.b.i.s. 14-6 and texas won so they stay in a tie of first place. giants and orioles. return of vogelsong coming back with a broken hand. j.j. harding says welcome back. solo home run. giants couldn't do anything until here in the sixth. brandon belt -- wow! deepest part of the ballpark. giants rally and hunter pence singles. here comes belt and we are tied at 2. in the tenth, chris davis, two outs and two on and that is through the gap of lopez. both runners would score. orioles go on to win. >> majors are supreme test of golfing skill. birdies galore. if you are not under par in rochester something has gone terribly wrong. matt, tied for second in 7 under. adam is up and down. this is spectacular 40-foot birdie. he is 7 under. man is to catch jason. with a 7 under par for a 63. tiger is one over. >> n.f.l. raiders open the pre-season against the cowboys. he started as quarterback. here a long drive for a pick in the end zone. third quarter. matt hooks up on a 30-yard touchdown and raiders hold on to win 19-17. that is wrap on morning sports. mike shumann will be third round
Aug 17, 2013 8:00am PDT
on first place texas because the rangers lost to seattle. this is how we like to loosen up before a newscast. johanis expodus. this is his bobblehead year. regained the lead thanks to eric soguard doubling home. top 9, two men on. cabrera with a liner that looked like trouble. josh donaldson turned the game ending in a double ended play. the two lowest scoring teams in the national league combined for 24 runs. hector sanchez, a three-run bomb and they win a slug fest, 14-10. that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >>> luckily it's clear, because fog could have been a problem. >> the airport reporting a 10-mile visibility, and we've seen the sunshine from keira, and it looks like we'll enjoy some sunshine with a few upper level clouds around. the weekend starting with a precip threat starting in the south bay just to loftsville. we're not looking for any of this to reach the ground, but late tomorrow night we're looking for more changes heading your way. mt. tam right now looks pretty gray out there, but we do have pockets of clearing in t
Aug 24, 2013 8:00am PDT
straight loss with a texas win. oakland, 3 1/2 back in the west. >>> giants pirates at at&t, game two of a four-game set. fourth inning. to no-man's land in left. buster posey will score. 1-0, giants. baumgartner. can't even call this a mistake. great hitting. turns on the slider. over the wall for a three-run homer in the 7th. 3-1 the final. giants lost five out of six. >>> let the chatter begin. pryor making everyone stands up in the coliseum and take notice after struggle and he helped the raiders rally against the bears last night. this bears backer finding the team raider fans. unscathed. after the first two-point interception. chicago capitalizing the on the next play. screen pass. 30 yards -- 32 yards later in the end zone. former raider michael bush. big man. hard to bring down. first of his would tds. 7-0. full effect. trailing 27-3 at the half pryor takes over. 19 yards to nick. late third quarter. makes it 27-7 game. raiders show some moxie but fall 34-2637 pryor, 7-9. yard passing. another 37 on the ground. the touch, three of six. 19 yards and two picks. quarterback contr
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5